From RGA Number to Customer Satisfaction.


A notable difference between good companies and bad companies is how they deal with problems.

Endoplus wants to know when you have a complaint so that we can identify the root cause and get working on a solution.

Here is how the Endoplus complaint process works:

  1. If you have a complaint, contact Customer Service at 800-236-5972 or, and we will issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) Number. In addition to inquiring if there has been a death or serious injury, we will also provide you with an RGA Safety Form to complete and attach to the outside of the box as a packing list for the devices being returned to Endoplus. The RGA Safety Form lets our good team have confidence the devices have been decontaminated. Did you know it’s illegal to transport medical devices that have not been decontaminated? According to 49 CFR 173.134 (b) (12) (ii):Used health care products contaminated with or suspected of contamination with a Category A infectious substance may not be transported under the provisions of this paragraph.  The RGA Safety Form also provides us with the necessary contact and shipping information for the return of your devices back to you.
  2. Send Returns to Endoplus, 750 Tower Road, Suite A, Mundelein, IL 60060
  3. Once Endoplus receives your returned device, we will investigate to identify the root cause of the failure mode. If the device is under warranty, it will be repaired or replaced and shipped to back to you using the information on the RGA Safety Form. You can also expect a Repair Confirmation to keep you informed of the process. If the device is not under warranty, a Repair Estimate will be emailed to the contact on the RGA Safety Form. These Repair Estimates are valid for 60 days, after which time, the device will be disposed of.
  4. Please note that only devices meeting Endoplus acceptance criteria will be returned to the customer.
  5. 3rd party modifications to a device will void the warranty. The warranty is also void if the instrument has been used for purposes other than intended, damaged by misuse or accident or has been repaired or altered by unauthorized persons. Click HERE for more warranty information.

That’s it! Endoplus is committed to making this as painless as possible.