About Endoplus

Endoplus is a private label manufacturer specializing in reusable laparoscopic medical devices. Many of our private label customers are major medical device manufacturers and distributors with established brands, exceptional sales teams, and effective GPO strategies.

Endoplus also contract manufactures complete medical devices, subassemblies, and precision components used in medical devices.

For many of our customers, new projects or even minor changes to existing designs can be painstakingly slow because internal resources are often not available. In addition, reliance on foreign suppliers promises to add time and complexity to otherwise routine transactions due to exchanging foreign currency, clearing customs, or drastically different time zones.

Endoplus relocated in May of 2013 to a larger, climate controlled manufacturing facility in Mundelein, Illinois, conveniently located near three major airports. We recognize that compliance to an effective Quality Management System and FDA regulatory requirements lowers risk for our customers and we welcome supplier audits.

Matthew Gudeman
President, Endoplus